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Spontaneous Resources

"In competition, every team solves a spontaneous problem. This part of the competition is called 'Spontaneous' because teams don’t know what they’ll have to do until they enter the competition room; spontaneous problems are kept 'top secret.' Solving spontaneous problems teaches students to think on their feet and to creatively solve problems as they arise."

- Official Odyssey of the Mind Website

Types of Problems


Verbal problems usually require team members to come up with creative answers to a given question, and take turns to say their answers to the judges.


Hands-On problems usually involve the whole team working together as a group to build something using given materials (like bridges, baskets, or towers).

Verbal Hands-On

Verbal/Hands-On problems usually involve each team member getting some sort of material to work with, having to create things with that material, and explain what it is in a creative way. 

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